Roland Burke

… life on the edge of a nanosecond

An Ode

 A tribute to Roland by Caroline Kelly
July, 2006

Caroline Kelly

Our friend Roland has gone to rest
We miss him loads; we wish him the best
He has gone to make pastures new,
To make new friends, we wish him adieu.

Now Roland was one of a kind.
A nicer person you would not find.
Ask him a question he always had an answer,
But one thing’s for sure he never was a dancer.

Never light on his feet, never twinkle toes,
But where Roland went everyone goes –
With a laugh and a joke and a smile on his face
Not known for his timekeeping, he was always late

With his love of music and his fancy words
His articulation would scare the birds.
We smiled and nodded at things he had to say
Never thinking that we would reach this day

Where our favourite person in all the world
Is smiling down on us not saying a word
We love him, we miss him, we wish he was here
With his cheeky grin and his blond like hair.

As he sat and pondered at what he had to say
He would have an opinion come what may.
As you look down on us from the sky above
Our hearts are filled with lots of love.

For Roland you are a brother and a son
You’ve entered a new life your work here is done
Watch over and guide us lead us on our way
We will all meet up together on another day

This Ode is for you from your family and friends
A new beginning its not the end
Also sadly missed by your colleagues in work
Go n’eithri an bóthar leat, Roland Burke